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この文章はシドニィ・シェルダンの「The CHASE」という小説のプロローグです。
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"Look out!”
The pilot knew they were going to die.
The large, twelve-passenger Silver Arrow jet plane was being tossed around in the sky like a toy by the powerful winds over the Appalachian Mountains in upstate New York. The pilot and co-pilot were struggling hard to keep the nose of the aircraft up, fighting against the vicious downdrafts. It was a superb plane, carefully designed and well built. But for the last few minutes, the engines had started to fail.

One of the two passengers in the luxuriously-appointed rear of the plane came forward into the cockpit and said, “There is something wrong with the fuel line. The engines are not getting enough power.”
Under ordinary circumstances, the pilot would have ordered his passenger to return to his seat. But these were not ordinary circumstances. The passenger had designed and built this plane. He was Mr. Yoneo Matsumoto, the founder and chairman of the board of one of the largest conglomerates in the world.
The pilot said, “We’re losing all our power.”
They understood what that meant. Visibility was zero and all around them were the deadly, invisible mountain peaks, waiting for them. Without sufficient power the plane could not climb high enough to get out of danger.
The plane was beginning to lose altitude.

Yoneo Matsumoto studied the instruments for a moment, then turned and went back into the cabin to his wife, Eiko. There was no fear on her face, only an expression of peace and acceptance, and he knew that she was unafraid. He took her hand in his and she smiled at him, her eyes filled with love.
Yoneo Matsumoto was ready to meet death. He had lived a full, rich life and had accomplished more than most men. Starting with nothing, he had created Matsumoto Industries, a company of which any man could be proud. He had thousands of employees working in a dozen factories around the world, and he was looked up to and respected.
His mind went back to the beginning, when he was very young.
He had had a natural gift for electronics. There had been many job offers, but he had met and fallen in love with Eiko, and she had encouraged him to start his own company.

For the first five years he had worked day and night, trying to earn enough money to take care of Eiko and the young son, Masao, who was born to them. It was a difficult path that Yoneo Matsumoto had chosen, but he was ambitious and talented, and nothing could stop him. Slowly, his company began to grow until it became a thriving business. Matsumoto Industries started to acquire other companies and, gradually, the young business became a giant ― a dynasty that straddled the globe, making airplanes and computers, cameras and radios, television sets and a hundred other products…
His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden crack of thunder, followed by a flash of lightning that lit up the sky like a giant rocket gone berserk. For one instant, the people in the airplane could see what was outside. They were surrounded by dangerous mountain peaks, and then the lightning faded away and everything was plunged into darkness again.

Yoneo Matsumoto pressed his wife’s hand harder. In a few moments their lives would be wiped out; but there was their beloved son, Masao, to carry on. Masao would inherit the Matsumoto empire and he would run it well.
There was another quick flash of lightning, and they looked out on a scene from hell: Snow‐capped peaks and boiling black clouds and, directly in front of them, the side of a mountain that seemed to be racing toward them. Seconds later, the world seemed to explode in a thousand pieces of flame.
Them there was a deep silence, broken only by the howling of the wind as it swept across the endless, lonely landscape.











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