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An estimate and an application,
HOME An estimate and an application The example of translation

When you carry out an application and an inquiry to us,
we will send the detailed contents or an estimate.
Please contact with us freely!

If it is the document of one sheet of A4 paper,
we will send a translation document at that day or the next day
which checked transfer.

Please push an "Application" button after entry at each following item.
The contents of a request. 1.Translate intofrom.
* In a request of translation of two or more kinds,
 please also fill in the following.
2.Translate intofrom.
3.Translate intofrom.
If they are A4 size,
how many sheet grades are they?
sheet grades.
Till when is time for delivery? Up to.
In what form are the text and
a translation document sent?
As the appending file of E-mail.   
Facsimile.       Mail.  
Others (please write to a lower connection in detail).
Please fill in the text and
a translation document.
Of what the contents is it
a translation document?
Please enter, if an inquiry and
a connection matter have you
in addition to this.
Furigana (name).
Company name.
(in the case of a corporation)
Postal code number.
Telephone number (arbitrary).
A check screen is taken out before transmitting.

When you cannot send by the above-mentioned transmission,
trouble should also send the above-mentioned contents to E-mail(info@halhal.net).



Apple Translation Website

HALHAL co.,ltd★あなたのwebサイトをサポート致します

HOME An estimate and an application The example of translation
アダルト可(ok)レンタルサーバー はるはるネット ホームページ(HP)制作(作成) ラブ&ピース 検索エンジンにサイトを登録代行-登録工房 HALHAL co.,ltd★あなたのwebサイトをサポート致します
HALHAL co.,ltd★あなたのwebサイトをサポート致します